Consecrated Men and Women held Lenten Recollection in Gboko Benue State

Date: 17 Apr 2019

The Consecrated men and women of the catholic diocese of Gboko held their Lenten recollection at the Presentation Brothers’ community in Bunde Mbayion – Gboko local government area of Benue state. Rev. Father Godwin, CSSP, who led the day for the Religious men and women during his reflection, said that in our contemporary society today, there is common disease of comparing ourselves with others.

He said, that we are gifted differently so we need to make use of the gifts giving to us by God. God invites each of us to come to him with our sinful nature like the two tax collectors in Scripture, who came to the temple to pray. One of them approached the altar of God with humility and the second one with pride. We need to respect each other; however small we may be.

The journey of Lent is marked in special way, - time set aside for every Christian to fast and to pray. It is a period to give God more of our time than ever. As Consecrated persons, we are challenged to witness in a radical way this special journey of Lent and to fulfil our obligations, he said.

He urged the Consecrated men and women, not to bury themselves in their ministries and forget their prayer life which is the source of grace for them.