West Africa Province Holds Their Easter Assembly

Date: 08 May 2019

A two-day Easter Assembly for the Brothers of the West Africa Province took place in Navrogo, Our Lady of Africa Formation House. The two days Easter Assembly brought together 22 Brothers from Ghana and Nigeria. 8 other Brothers could not attend to due end of semesters examinations and travels.

This Easter Assembly deliberations centered on the theme: Community Living and my Life style. Br. Valerius Sandow Deputy Province Leader who gave the input on the theme, stressed on mutual support and fraternal corrections in communities with sincere dialoguing.

Taking the Brothers through the theme, he used the scripture text Mark 2:3-12 the carrying of the sick man of palsy on the stretcher to exemplify the important of support in the community.

He pointed out that the 4 men carrying the paralytic man (sick) operated on the following which are essential for us as Brothers living in community.

I.   Need to support each other to carry out our common mission as Brothers in community. 

II.  Trust and depend on one another to achieved a common goal in community.

III.Have an open dialogue and endeavor to communication well, listening to understand and to hear the other Brother in our quest for building healthy and safe communities in the Province. 

IV.To cooperate with each other to accomplish the mission of Christ in the spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice.

V.  To pray for God’s graces and will to be done in all things we do for the Greater Glory of God.

Br Valerius emphased that we all need to this to one another in our community living. “Let your love be shown and you will change the others’ life” he added.

Brothers responding to inputs presented to them agreed and added that good community building and living also depended on the followings: 

I.   Sincere forgiveness

II.  Active participation

III.Being a Brother to one another

IV.Praying together daily

V.  No seeking for reward for work done and that it seems we do focus too much on negativities instead of the positive aspects of life in community, lets walk the talk they added.

Another important event of the two days Easter Assembly was the launching of the Province Strategic Action Plan. Before the launch of the plan, the Province Leader Br. Emmanuel Aminenta stated that the strategic plan covered the period 2017-2023 and it used the theme of the general chapter 2017 in Rome:  Pilgrimage Brothers with the compassionate Christ in an evolving world. And its five thematic areas:

I.   Identity and mission

II.  Community


IV.Care for people made poor

V.  Care of the earth.

He made a passionate on the Brothers to a revolution of Tenderness, Compassion and Forgiveness and added that this must be done sincerely and often to each other and among us in the Province. 

The Province Leader further urged the Brothers to use the action plan as part of their community prayers as its successful implementation is the responsibility of all, though, the PLT has a special role to play to ensure its smooth and proper implementation. He also noted that there is a monitory plan to check on the implementation of the plan in each community of the Brothers.

The PLT members took turns to explain to the Brothers how to operationalize the plan as a working document in our everyday living with tenderness and compassion. The Province Leader finally declared the Province Strategic Plan duly launched and each Brother received a copy of the document.